What is the AcuGraph?
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The AcuGraph is a digital imaging system that allows an in-depth analysis of the state of the acupuncture meridians. The examination is painless and is performed very quickly by touching the skin while using a probe in specific places on the hands and feet.

With the AcuGraph, we get a series of graphs that give a detailed picture of the balances and imbalances of Qi (energy) in your meridians. This helps to make more informed decisions about your condition and thus give you the best possible treatment. Plus, the AcuGraph makes it easy to track your health from one treatment to the next.

AcuGraph is a registered trademark of Miridia Technology Inc.

This graph allows us to see whether the energy is in a balanced state in the meridians, or if it is in excess (red), deficient (blue), or if it is unbalanced from one side of the body to the other (purple).

For example, here we can see that the Pericardium (PC) meridian is low, which could be caused by some sleep or anxiety issues.

In this graph, we can see how the Qi is distributed in relation to the five elements theory.

The five elements theory comes from the observation of natural cycles and interrelationships both in our environment and within us.

Within you, the five elements are constantly evolving and changing, and some elements become stronger and more dominant at various times of life. All elements are essential and should form a balance while constantly moving and changing cyclically.

Here we can see how the energy is distributed during the whole day according to the Chinese horary clock.

This clock shows which meridians have the most energy flowing during a certain time of the day.

Each day, pain patterns, sleep interruptions, or general discomfort often occur at the same time. This can indicate which meridian is unbalanced.

This graph represents the Qi level of all the meridians combined, the balance from up to down and left to right of the whole body, the balance between Yin and Yang, as well as the energy stability that represents the relative variability of the exam information.

Finally, this graph represents the P.I.E. score (Personal Integrated Energetics), which reflects the overall health of the meridian energy system as a whole. A perfect score of 100 would mean a complete balance and a smooth flow of the body’s Qi.

What is the AcuGraph?
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